whatidoinspiresyou is THE source of inspiration for a contemporary leadership culture!


Inspire others by sharing your knowledge and experiences through contemporary leadership.

  • You work in a leadership position that fulfills you, is fun and motivates you anew every day.
  • Show others that leadership is fun, how strength-based leadership is possible, and pass on your experiences.
  • Be the brand ambassador of your own company and show how attractive it is to work in a leadership role in your company.
  • Share your inspirations and light the fire of enthusiasm in others with your match.

Let yourself be inspired by people who give you valuable impulses because they already live “leadership” with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and joy!

  • You would like to learn from others how future-oriented and strength-oriented leadership is lived and implemented in practice.
  • Be inspired by the motivational examples of leaders who love what they do.
  • Find your own way of implementing leadership for yourself and use the experiences of people who are already successfully doing this today.
  • Exchange ideas with “inspirers” and expand your network in the context of New Leadership.