Published on 2021-10-20

The anniversary sequence for the 1 year birthday of

whatidoinspiresyou – with selected highlights from all previous podcast
episodes Exactly one year ago the first episode of my leadership talk podcast whatidoinspiresyou was launched.
On this occasion, I would like to take you on a journey where you can hear highlights of all previous podcast episodes selected by me.
Listen in, enjoy the valuable impulses and find out what makes good leadership and how great it feels to live it. Be inspired and put a smile on your face.

This is what this episode is about:

  • “Leadership is always related to the people” is the title of the first podcast episode on October 15, 2020 with Bodo Janssen.
  • In my 2nd podcast episode I was allowed to join Dr. Oliver Haas talk about “Happiness is the prerequisite for success”.
  • The conversation with Father Anselm Grün was very inspiring for me, as it was about the topic “Leading means raising others and awakening life”.
  • I was allowed to design the opening sequence for the year 2021 with Gina Schöler on the subject of “The importance of happiness in leadership”.
  • The two episodes 5 and 6 were dedicated to the topics of positive psychology and positive leadership.
  • With my conversation partner Dr. Judith Mangelsdorf, I was allowed to immerse myself in the science of positive psychology and with Dr. Markus Ebner spoke about the topic of “Positive Leadership”.
  • I talked to Christian Rees about “Viral Leadership” and, among other things, why “Good leadership is contagious”.
  • Sustainability is on everyone’s lips and that’s why it was important to me to talk to Dr. Claus Hartmann to talk about the topic of “Sustainable Leadership”.
  • It was not only because of the topic that it got emotional in the podcast episode, where I talked to Sabrina von Nessen about emotional leadership.
  • This was followed by the summer special and the conversation on the subject of “Designing your Leadership Life” with the super inspiring tandem Dorle Feldmeier and Nicole Rasmussen.
  • The dialogue with Prof. Dr. Niels van Quaquebeke on “Digital Leadership”.
  • In the podcast series “Leading with Sense”, Prof. Dr. Nico Rose how executives can help their employees feel more meaningful in their work.
  • Last but not least, I was able to interview Patrick Boos, CEO of the Baur Group, and we talked about digital transformation & leadership.