Published on 2021-06-15

Emotional leadership – with Sabrina von Nessen

In this episode I would like to welcome Sabrina von Nessen.

Sabrina von Nessen is a board member of an IT company, speaker, mentor and author.
Her book “Female Empowerment – Women in Tech” is a competent guide for female career starters, prospective executives and entrepreneurs who confidently drive their success and want to achieve their goals.

As an entrepreneur & expert in emotional leadership, she makes us fit for leadership excellence in the digital age and encourages humanity in a world of exponential technological growth. It shows entrepreneurs and executives how authentic leadership enables companies to successfully navigate through digital change.

They have taught almost 20 years of leadership experience: New work needs emotional leadership, because high performance and thus success begin in the mind of the individual, their emotions and beliefs. Your impulses inspire and encourage managers and employees to break mental barriers.

Look forward to a very inspiring and positive conversation in which you will get to know the person Sabrina von Nessen better and you will learn what importance emotions have for her in leadership and how she wants to make the world a little better every day.

Listen in, enjoy the valuable impulses and find out what makes good leadership and how great it feels to live it. Be inspired and put a smile on your face.

This is what this episode is about:

  • We talk about the essential aspects of Emotional Leadership and you will learn what emotions do to us and how important emotions are in leadership.
  • We dive into the experiences of Sabrina von Nessen as a manager and you should be curious about the role the mindset plays in leadership and why we can only discover and develop the full potential of our employees by considering emotions in leadership.
  • You will understand what so-called campfire moments are all about and what significance they have for the connections between employees and managers and, ultimately, for the connection between employees and the company.