Published on 2021-01-15

The importance of happiness in leadership ”- With Gina Schöler

In this episode, I would like to welcome Gina Schöler, Minister of Happiness, trainer, speaker and author. She heads the nationwide initiative “Ministry for Happiness and Wellbeing” and calls for colorful campaigns and offers to increase “gross national happiness”.

Look forward to a very inspiring, relaxed, energetic and also very humorous conversation in which you will get to know the person Gina Schöler better.

Be inspired by Gina’s personal happiness formula and take valuable ideas with you on how you can contribute to finding your own personal happiness.

Learn what leadership has to do with happiness and why it is so incredibly important that as a manager you have the goal of “happy employees” and that happiness is the prerequisite for good results.

Let Gina encourage you how to deal with crises and how you can always take something positive with you

Listen in, enjoy the valuable impulses and find out what makes good leadership and how great it feels to live it. Let yourself be inspired and put a smile on your face.

This is what this episode is about:

  • We talk about what happiness is and what it is not and how we can decide for ourselves and on our own responsibility how often and when we find situations of happiness for ourselves.
  • We talk about the fact that happiness and leadership are closely related, and that happiness is the prerequisite for success.
  • You will learn how as a manager, with small steps, time and courage, you can contribute to having happy employees.
  • We show how, on the basis of crisis acceptance, you can take something positive with you and actively shape change.