Would you like to share your passion and enthusiasm as a leader with others?

Do you work in a leadership position that fulfills you, is fun and motivates you anew every day?

  • Show others that leadership is fun, like being strength-based
    Leadership is possible and pass on your experiences!

Would you like to share your knowledge of topics such as “positive leadership” and “strengths-based leadership” as well as your experience of contemporary leadership with others?

  • Share your approach to being on people with the community
    aligned leadership!

Inspire others by answering the following questions and showing others how contemporary leadership works:

  1. What does leadership mean to me and what is good leadership?
  2. What do I actively do to make every day a good leadership day?
  3. What was my worst / best leadership experience?
  4. How do I ensure that employees can contribute their individual strengths?
  5. What is really important to me and what inspires me?
  6. How do I want to inspire others?
  7. Any other thoughts or personal comments that I would like to share?

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