My name is Joachim Höhler, I am the founder of whatidoinspiresyou and have thus fulfilled a great dream and created a platform on which many people share their enthusiasm and passion as managers and for the topic of “people-oriented leadership” with others and inspire them !

As the founder of whatidoinspiresyou, my heart beats faster every time I hear and read an inspiring story from someone who does exactly what they want. To see that someone has arrived and is doing exactly what they’re passionate about – that’s the best inspiration for those who are still looking.

I always feel passion when I deal with things where I forget everything around me and can concentrate fully on the thing. The best example of this are the conversations with people I interview for  whatidoinspiresyou in my “Inspiring Podcast” and who often touch me deeply. I feel great joy when I see that someone really gives their best and is passionate about it because they act from the depths of their heart.

I am the contact person for people and companies who feel addressed by whatidoinspiresyou and want to become part of the community and I also like to share my knowledge and experience through individual coaching, workshops and lectures.

So that you get to know me better as the initiator of whatidoinspiresyou, I would like to share with you what defines me as a person, what I stand for and what is important to me.

I am an executive in a great company and I do it every day with a lot of fun and dedication. In my current job, I experience how great it can be when the corporate culture and structure match my own values. This creates a lot of power and a lot of positive energy! If you find your place in an appreciative corporate culture, you put your heart into it and ready to give your best. This creates a bond with colleagues, employees and the company. The company also benefits from this positive mood, which is noticeably reflected in a positive company result.

As a long-standing executive and coach, passion for people-oriented leadership and a rich treasure, fed by decades of personal experience and numerous conversations with inspiring leaders, it is very important to me that executives enjoy people-oriented leadership to convey and use the “Positive Leadership” approach, among other things. I myself always need moments in which I can enable others to grow. When I see things develop, when something advances and something new arises, when another person advances, then I feel like I’ve done something really meaningful.

My motto in life is described very well in the following quote from Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz in their “77 Quotes for People Who Think Differently”:

Look for the chance, not the obstacles!
Give more than you take!
Do what you love Leave everything else!
Better be the first-class version of yourself than someone else’s second-rate version.
Because it’s your life – live it by your rules.
This is the only way you can make a difference. For you and for others.

I am particularly driven by the phrase “… to be the first-class version of myself …”. From this I learned to really look more at myself, to get to know myself better and to use my own potential as much as possible. Other positive ‘drivers’ are my personal values, three of which are particularly important to me: family, freedom and mindfulness. I took a lot of time to determine and differentiate these values ​​for myself.

I am very often inspired by other people. These are not so much great role models from history or people who I can’t really grasp, but people whom I have met and who have deeply touched me through what they do and say.

I would like to inspire you with the following message:

Make yourself aware of what you get up for every day and what is really important to you!

Find your own way and be convinced of what you are doing!

Discover your passions and develop your potential!

Be convinced of what you are doing!

Be the first-class version of yourself! “

Joachim Höhler