Circus Rondel – Circus for kids

Experiencing the power of community to see the potential of children aged 6-10J, people who practice their profession with passion and joy, to feel goose bumps pure – all this brings the Circus Rondel!

We at whatidoinspiresyou were at the show in Rosbach v.d.H. and were literally infected by these very inspiring moments.

More than 300 children of the Kapersburgschule in Rosbach have worked intensively for 5 days with the team of the Circus. With a lot of joy and commitment, the little ones have prepared as trapeze artists, jugglers, acrobats, trampoline jumpers, clowns, etc. on the big circus performances at the end of a memorable week for them.

The Circus family around René Orthmann has created a real circus atmosphere. In addition to the daily practice and preparation for the great moment in the arena, the little ones could experience the family cohesion of the Circus family and get an insight into the organizational processes of the family business.

We were particularly impressed by the approach to selecting children for the exercise. Here you have individually tailored to each child according to his inclinations and abilities. The children have received a lot of affection and empathy while preparing for their grand entrance.

At the closing presentation, astonished parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives, and friends saw the undiscovered talents the kids developed during the week. The joy and fun on the part of the children, parents and supervisors was the reward for a week that will stay in the memory of all those involved for a long time to come.

From whatidoinspiresyou’s point of view, there were the following important messages:

  • Each of us has incredible potential
  • If you enjoy what you do, you can inspire others
  • There is an unlikely power in the community

We at whatidoinspiresyou are inspired and inspired by the way Circus Rondel has discovered and developed the talents of children in such a short time. If you yourself are in the right place, do something with passion and dedication and thereby give others great pleasure – this is also an inspiration for others!

Let yourself be inspired or inspire others!

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