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Die Dreckwegmacher – Bone Job garbage disposal

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We at whatidoinspiresyou are often asked if you can find your personal happiness even in supposedly unattractive occupations. How is it in the so-called bone jobs, where hard physical work dominates everyday work, with poorly paid occupations, etc.?

In any case, we always want to give an honest and realistic answer and gladly take concrete examples from practice.

We were particularly impressed by the contribution of the ZDF documentary 37 degrees, which was broadcast on ZDF on Monday, March 20th. (Https://

Tina Radke-Gerlach presents in the documentary “Die Dreckwegmacher – Knochenjob Müllabfuhr” three people who eliminate the legacy of our modern life.

The documentary has moved us a lot and encouraged us to be inspired by what we do at whatidoinspiresyou and to inspire others by simply and authentically describing what they do with passion and dedication.

From the point of view of whatidoinspiresyou there were the following important messages in the film:

• Janine is 38 and a single mother of a seven-year-old daughter. She found her dream job in 2015 as a garbage disposer at the city of Münster. Even as a child, she wanted to work in the garbage collection. Heavy physical work, stink and 25 kilometers per day do not bother her.
• Even the 28-year-old Roy from Kassel is a passionate garbage maker. Until his retirement, he can imagine no other professional life. Roy loves the variety in his job. Roy’s father-in-law, Wolfgang, has been working here for a lifetime. For him the absolute dream job. In almost thirty years, he has experienced a lot and to tell a lot of funny stories. Roy got infected by this enthusiasm.
• Christian has fulfilled his childhood dream with the job of a garbage maker. Even when he was little, he watched the garbage workers at work. He has been at the garbage truck for twelve years now and has worked his way up to the foreman of his large-scale container column.

Take a look at the 37 degree documentation in the ZDF-Mediatheque. The daily work of Janine, Roy and Christian is presented very realistically and you can see, despite all the enthusiasm, the challenges of the work. What remains is, however, the inspiration that emanates from these three great people, as well as the respect for the work as a garbage maker and before the work ethic of Janine, Roy and Christian.

Let yourself be inspired or inspire others!